Fabric Information

RIKA prioritizes sustainability as number one. With eco-friendly fabrics improving frequently, we never stop researching and trying all that innovative technology has to offer. Below you can find details on each fabric choice made, so far. Vita Power is where RIKA started (sweat or swim material) and Repreve is the most recent soft launch. 

Vita Power by Carvico aka RIKA'S Sweat or SWIM fabric (featuring ume, chikara, yuki, masa, umi, and wa): Made of ECONYL, regenerated Nylon, with excellent recovery power and always the perfect muscular compression aimed at decreasing the production of lactic acid, thus boosting a faster recovery of energy. Soft and pleasant on the skin, compact and breathable, it is also highly UV protective (UPF 50+). 


  • Recycled yarn
  • Ultra-chlorine resistant
  • Shape retention
  • Perfect fit
  • Muscular control
  • Excellent coverage
  • Soft luxurious feel
  • UV protection (UPF 50+)
  • Pilling resistant
  • Two way stretch
  • Sun cream + oil resistant


TOPGREEN recycled filament (featuring hana and sora): environmentally friendly fiber based material of recycled post-consumer PET bottles, processed through grinding, washing, melting, re-polymerizing, spinning, and texturizing to yarn. Certified by Global Recycled Standard.

  • Repurposes waste, reduces our reliance on petrochemicals and prevents enviornemntal polluition
  • Bottle → chip → fiber → yarn → fabric
  • FENC Recycling is completely traceable from post-consumer to yarn


American Repreve 77% Recycled Nylon + 23% Elastane (featuring momo and ube)REPREVE is made by Unifi, a leading global textile solutions company. Transforms recycled plastic bottles to amazing soft fiber which then is used for fabric. The process embeds properties like wicking, adaptive warming and cooling, water repellency, and more at the fiber level. For reliable, durable quality. They're not just finding new life for recycled materials. Compared to making what's called virgin fiber, making REPREVE offsets using new petroleum, emitting fewer greenhouse gases and conserving water and energy in the process. That makes a big difference for our future.